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Step into the NA Bev World with Zero Proof

Atlanta-based Zero Proof is here to remind us that non-alcoholic cocktails can be just as tasty as their boozy counterparts! Friends Sean Goldsmith and Trevor Wolfe started the company in 2019 and haven't looked back. We've just launched some of their products here in our local market–you've gotta try 'em! Sean answered a few questions for us about The Zero Proof and non-alcoholic drinks in general, so keep reading to learn more. 


Tell us about The Zero Proof!

I started The Zero Proof as a blog over three years ago. I was taking a break from booze and discovered this category, although it was MUCH smaller then. I thought it was interesting and wanted to learn more... so I started writing about some of the products I was drinking (and hiring master somms and cicerones to review them as well), and putting together city guides around the country, highlighting places where you could find these drinks. 

From there, we saw an opportunity to start importing some of the best NA brands in the world from Europe, where the NA movement is much further along. So, about two years ago, we brought over our first pallet of a Swedish non-alcoholic spirit called Gnista and we were in business. We launched our e-commerce shop and started selling to restaurants and shops around the country. 

 Now we have a portfolio of premium, NA wine & spirits from across Europe. We're growing our online business ( and building distribution across the US. 


What are some of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks that The Zero Proof offers? Do they taste just like their alcohol-driven counterparts, or do they have a different taste profile?

I love a negroni... so I love making NA negronis. You can mix GinISH, Wilfred's Aperitif and Gnista Floral Wormwood in equal parts and stir with ice and you've got an A+ non-alc negroni. I'm also a big fan of the sparkling wines. In fact, I had a glass with lunch today. I'd recommend the Oddbird Blanc de Blancs and the ISH rosé. 

Most of the NA spirits are made to mixed into cocktails, so they may taste different from their alcoholic analog on their own. But if you mix up a cocktail, you often can't tell the difference. And a lot of the wines and beers are spot on. 



How are non-alcoholic spirits typically made? How is the process different from the way alcoholic spirits are distilled?

Non-alcoholic spirits start with water or a de-alcoholized spirit as a base. Then they are typically constructed using various distillations and extracts to create a complex, alcohol-like experience. A non-alcoholic gin, for example, is loaded with botanical extracts. 

So there's lots of distilling in NA spirits... just no fermenting (where the alcohol comes from). 


Non-alcoholic drinks are having a moment right now! Why do you think they’ve gained so much popularity lately?

These drinks are having a moment because people are trying to be healthier and drink a bit less (we've all got a lot going on and need to be sharp!). But also because they taste really great... they wouldn't be nearly as popular if people didn't like drinking them. 


Do you have any tips or words of wisdom for anyone who is mocktail-curious?

Whatever you like drinking in the alcohol world, you can find the same thing in non-alcs. If you're a bourbon drinker, buy a few different NA bourbons, mix up your favorite cocktails and find your favorite. 



Try the ISH aperol spritz, gin & tonic, and lime daquiri! Order now to have them included in your next G&G delivery. Cheers! 





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