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Strippaggio Artisan Oils & Vinegars

Strippaggio, based here in Atlanta, offers top-of-the-line extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars that add outstanding flavors to any eating experience. Owners Ellen & Danny Softness sourced oils primarily from small growers in California & Europe (places that produce the most flavorful extra virgin olive oils in the world!), and the vinegars mostly come from Modena, Italy. In the words of Ellen & Danny, “Our motto is very much aligned with Garnish & Gather – that great ingredients make great food!” 

 Their flavors are unique, produced with extremely high quality standards, and are rarely found in grocery stores or big box retailers. We asked Ellen & Danny a few questions about Strippaggio and how oils and vinegars are made–keep reading to learn more!


How did you get into the business of oil and vinegar? 

We loved it so much we bought the business! For years we bought delicious extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars at this great little shop called Strippaggio in our neighborhood in Atlanta. Every few months we’d wander over and re-supply our pantry, talk recipes, and learn a little bit more.

Last year we learned that the brand was for sale – and we jumped. Our learning curve has been steep, but we dove in with gusto, learning about the amazing health benefits of EVOO, the pure sweetness of balsamic vinegars that contain nothing but grapes, and the differences between the varietals.

Our goal is to replicate that tasting experience for everyone, so we offer every flavor in smaller 100ml bottles as well. We encourage you to try as many samples as you wish to find your favorites. We want to make meals a little more interesting, and gift-giving easier and more memorable and longer-lasting. Take a look around our website and see which flavors strike you.  


Can you tell us about the process of making olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a carefully regulated designation that means that the process meets state, federal and international standards that include: no human interaction with the oil, very specific production methods, and exacting standards regarding the timing of the processes. Essentially, olives change flavor as the season progresses, so olives picked in the Fall taste different than olives picked in March, and different varietals each have their own taste. Some of our favorite varietals are Arbequina, Ascolano & Mission olives. 


What kinds of oils do you offer at Strippaggio?

We offer 2 types:

  • Single varietals, which are oils produced only from crushed olives. Different olives produce different flavors.
  • Flavored oils, which are are “fused.” This meaning that flavors such as fresh Basil, Garlic or Lemon are added during the crushing process, producing a richer, deeper flavor. By comparison, “infused” is when flavors are added after the bottling process is complete and can never reach the same flavor profiles.


What about the vinegar-making process? 

Balsamic Vinegars almost always come from Modena, Italy and are made from crushed grapes. The residue of the crushing process called “grape must.” To create authentic Balsamic Vinegar, grapes are crushed, boiled into concentrate, then stored in oak barrels – like wine, while it acidifies – for up to 25 years. The longer the time the sweeter the taste.


What kinds of balsamic vinegars do you offer?

  • Pure balsamic vinegars such as Dark Barrel-Aged, White Barrel-Aged and Cask10. These have no flavors added.
  • We also offer balsamic vinegars which have flavor added such as Fig, Blueberry and Cranberry Pear.


Do you have a favorite oil + vinegar pairing?

Our favorite pairings are Basil Oil & Dark Barrel-Aged Vinegar, Rosemary Oil & Fig Vinegar, and Blood Orange & Peach Vinegar.


Try their oils and vinegars in dressings & marinades, or change things up and add a little to desserts like ice cream, berries and cakes! See all Strippaggio oils and vinegars that we offer in our local market, and add one (or two) on to your next G&G delivery! You'll thank us later when you're tring to throw together a last-minute salad dressing ;)



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