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G&G is Taking Over the Ponce City Market Food Hall

G&G is Taking Over the Ponce City Market Food Hall

photo credit: Emma Valerio via Unsplash


In the month of February, G&G is storming the food court at Ponce City Market and bringing you recipes from all your favorite PCM food stalls! The changing landscape of Atlanta surrounding the beltline has breathed new life into this historic mixed-use community with a focus on artisanal food, fashion and technology.  Week after week, we have seen incredible restaurant after incredible restaurant open their doors at PCM, with more to come!                         

Originally constructed by Sears in 1926 on the site of the former Ponce de Leon Amusement Park, the iconic structure remains the largest brick building in the Southeast United States. For decades, the department store and regional distribution center served as a center of commerce for Atlanta, flanked by freight and trolley lines, and the Atlanta Crackers baseball field. After Sears closed the retail store in 1979, followed by warehouse operations in the late 1980s, the City of Atlanta purchased the building for administrative offices in 1991 and partially occupied the space until mid-2010. Jamestown acquired the property in 2011 with its plans to redevelop the location with a mixed-use, community focused development.

We're kicking things off with the upcoming brainchild of Decatur's beloved Chai Pani. Meherwan Irani's new concept, Botiwalla, is set to open later in the month, but G&G customers will get a sneak peek with their signature Spiced Lamb Sliders. Next up, the mouthwatering Italian eatery Bellina Alimentari. Chef David Berry has created a Venetian Squid recipe that will transport you to Italy in no time, featuring their unique white polenta. Then comes the nutritious and delicious Farm to Ladle with a soup and salad combination you'll want to recreate again and again. We'll wrap things up with one of our favorite chefs, Linton Hopkins! His incredible Hop's Chicken will bring you a breakfast for dinner recipe suitable for anytime of day! 

Best of all, once you cook all these meals at home, you can hop over to PCM and try them all for yourself! 

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