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Some Like It Hot

Father's Day is just around the corner! Dad can be difficult to shop for, but we've got just the thing: spicy sauces and condiments that he can use all summer long. Most are perfect for grilling, homemade bbq, or anything else Dad might want to spend a Saturday making.



Pulp's Fresno Chili Hot Sauce

Use anytime, anywhere–hot sauce is always a good idea.



Banner Butter's Honey Habanero Butter 

Melt & sauté veggies in it, or add a pat to grilled steak. This is a seasonal (limited time!) flavor, so get it while you can!



Red Clay's Hot Honey 

Drizzle on a buttered biscuit or add to a cheese board.



Pulp's Chili Crisp 

Spoon atop Asian noodles or a sesame-dressed salad.



Beautiful Briny Sea's Mexican Chocolate Sugar

Add a scoop to coffee, or mix with warm milk for spicy hot chocolate.



Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q's Spicy BBQ Sauce

The perfect pairing for homemade bbq.



Click the button below to have these spicy staples delivered next week! It's the perfect gift bundle for Dad this Father's Day. 


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