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Cooking with Chef Chris Grossman of Atlas

Cooking with Chef Chris Grossman of Atlas

Here at G&G, our favorite thing to do is bring Atlanta’s food scene into your kitchen. What better way for us to do this than by stepping into the heat of Chef Chris Grossman’s bustling, busy kitchen at Atlas Restaurant in Buckhead so that we can give you a behind-the-scenes look. Chef Chris showed us his tips & tricks for cooking his Chimichurri Steak with Mexican Street Corn & Red Skin Potatoes, which is available to order on our menu through Monday 8/13 at midnight. 

Once you've got your meal kit in hand, follow along with this blog post as you’re cooking for the inside scoop from Chef Chris!



*Make sure that you let the tips of the potato halves stick out of the top of the water about 1/4 of an inch. Don’t completely submerge them. 

*Let the water boil so that the butter gets frothy & brown over top. 

*Once they’re done, you can leave them in the pot to make sure they stay warm. This is a great trick for dinner parties! Cook them first and then leave them in the pot as you’re finishing up the rest of the meal. 





*Chef Chris says that grilling is a nice alternative for the corn instead of using the stove top or oven - the grill allow you to get a nice char on your food. (This same applies to the steak in the meal kit as well!)

*Easily remove the kernels from the corn cob by placing an upside-down Tupperware container in the center of a large bowl. The divot in the bottom of the container will hold the corn in place as you hold it upright and cut the kernels off with a knife. The bowl will catch all of your kernels so that you don’t have to worry about making a mess!

*Once you’re done cutting off the kernels, get your hands wet & then toss the kernels. Your wet hands will attract all of the corn hairs that you may have missed when husking. Just rinse off your hands after this to get rid of them!





*The secret to a perfect steak is a very hot surface. Chef Chris says don’t be afraid of creating some smoke - it would be nice to have good ventilation in your kitchen because of this. 

*Sear for only 3 to 5 minutes on each side. When you let the steak rest after this, the inside will become more done. 




*Chef Chris’s biggest tip is to not overthink it. Plate the meal in a way that looks good to you!

*In general, a brushstroke of sauce on the bottom of the place will elevate your plating tremendously. 

*White plates are nice because they allow the colors of the meal to pop. 



And the final touch...

Enjoy an Atlas-created cocktail with your meal! Atlas Bar Manager Eleanor Parker's Paradise Lost cocktail kit is available to order with the Chimichurri Steak dinner kit. 



Enjoy Chef Chris's dinner & Bar Manager Eleanor's cocktail! Don't forget to share how your plating turns out with #garnishandgather. We'd love to see your photos!